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Get Started Now!

12 Month Bill Schedule

This Done For You Service will tell you exactly which expense to pay on every payday for the next 12 months. This will save you from wondering what bill is due on payday. Our Bill Schedule will ensure all of your expenses are paid on time and spread out evenly through the month. Get it now for only $97.

Yes! I need this!

Budget Strategy Session 

During this session you will:
-Set Your Financial Goals
-Review Your Monthly Income & Expenses
-Create Your Financial Plan

You will leave the session with your very own blueprint to get you started on your journey to financial success. You’ll have what you need, you’ll do the work and results will follow.

Let's Create My Financial Plan


During this session you will:
-Discuss your current financial plan and discuss the struggles you are dealing with. We will determine what your roadblock is and discuss the next steps you’ll need to take to Enhance Your Finances!

You will leave the session with a plan of action. You will know the next steps you need to take to enhance your finances.

 *We do NOT create a budget in this session*

Let's Discuss My Financial Plan

Budget Review Session

During the session we will discuss your current financial plan and your future financial plans. Your current budget method and see where your roadblock is. I will answer any questions you have about the next steps you need to take to Enhance Your Finances! You will be able to Pick My Brain and ask questions in regard to your personal budget, savings or debt.

*We do NOT create a budget in this session*

Let's Review My Budget!

Sharee R-H.

"Coach D was very professional through all of my sessions! I love how down to earth she has been and making me feel comfortable with helping me get my finances and budget in order! I have now paid off 2 credit cards and I'm working my way to paying off my 3rd! I also have a savings with money in it lol! It was very hard to start because I didn't want her to look down at me for not knowing how to budget but that is definitely not the case! Thank you again for your help!"

Erica A.

"I have been using this company/service for 10+ yrs. I was in tremendous debt in way over my head with a not so great credit score and had a consultation that set me on the path to financial control and better budgeting using the methods the company has provided over the years. I am now in a much better place financially and happy to report my credit is great!"

Stacey B.

"Our first meeting was AWESOME and very informative. She gave me some meaningful and great pointers on where to start and how to get myself out of this debt. Everything she has told me this far I have put into action and I can see things looking up in just a few weeks of our meeting."

Erica J.

"Coach D has helped me since 2015 to get my finances in order and is still providing tips and pointers to this day. The professionalism and courtesy she exhibits is phenomenal. I was able to pay off my car and get on top of my bills with her help in scheduling and planning. I highly recommend her for your budgeting needs."

Grover S.

"Coach D has been most helpful and I value her guidance and insight that she has given me to obtain a better path to financial stability."

LaQueta W.

"absolutely love Coach D! She’s passionate, trustworthy, dependable, knowledgeable and consistent. I’ve had the opportunity to attend her workshops and follow her on her social media platforms. I thought I had my budget and savings account figured out. However, I didn’t. I walked away from her workshops with some valuable information that helped me make the necessary adjustment to my finances. Thank you very much Coach D! Wishing you continued blessings! I highly recommend all of Coach D’s services! You will not be disappointed!"